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BeFitJC is a one-of-a-kind, goal oriented workout program that employs the strategies and techniques of personal training in a group environment, while providing the one-on-one attention you need to achieve your goal with the cost benefit of training with a group. 

Our programs will challenge you beyond your present level of fitness each and every time, regardless of your current fitness level. Workout sessions are 45 minutes long and incorporate a broad range of exercises, including cardio, TRX resistance training, strength training, stretching, ropes, relays and more.

Guided by a certified personal trainer, BeFitJC’s bootcamp sessions and workouts are guaranteed to give you maximum results, in a fun filled nonthreatening environment.

BeFitJC Memberships include full gym access, unlimited bootcamp classes, unlimited consultations with a certified trainer, initial body composition and fitness analysis, nutritional guidance and a meal plan, 1 group workout clinic per week, and a free subscription to a fitness newsletter.

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Not offered at this time, stay tuned.